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Participate at the International Conference for Youth in the Euromediterranean

BARI, saturday 29th september, National Meeting of Solidarity

ANPAS needs ideas!

Over the last few years, ANPAS, also through the support of important European networks like Samaritan International (SAMI) and the European Center for Volunteering (CEV), has developed a particular attention to European policies in the belief that our country can be a bridge to the countries of the Mediterranean. Last year we also acceded to the Mediterranean Autonomous Network for Youth (MANY), a network of youth in the Mediterranean that wants to promote the meeting and sharing of knowledge between youth belonging to different social and cultural groups, affirming a culture of learning. ANPAS doesn’t want volunteers to remain indifferent to the grand phenomenon that the countries bordering the mare nostrum are experiencing, which have appealed to our affluent society with movements of people (migration) and socio-political upheavals (the Arab Spring). So then? So we would like to see what’s in store beyond our shores, learn new ideas, and build relationships in the Mediterranean. Through this Call for Papers, we invite the youth of society, citizens 32 years of age and younger, to share ideas to better the world, to construct a more just and united society, for the development of a culture of solidarity, for the protection of the environment and of common goods.


Do you have an idea to change the world? Share it with us!

We have chosen the National Meeting of Solidarity that will be held in Puglia, a natural bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean, where 8 youth will present their projects: 8 ideas to change the world, in particular in the area of relations between Italy and the people of the Mediterranean, presented by youth of these countries.

How it works

Among all the ideas received by the 30th of June 2012, only 8 will be selected, that can be presented on the occasion of the International Conference of Youth of the Euromediterranean that will be held in Bari, Saturday the 29th of September 2012.

Therefore, if your idea convinces us, you will fly to Bari and have 10 minutes to present your idea, in the most attractive mode. Are you ready?

Who can participate

The projects can be presented by youth under age 32, who can be residents in Italy or in these countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Malta, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria,Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia.

We would also like to hear the ideas of immigrants that live in Italy but come from these countries: the true bridge of the Mediterranean!

Conditions of participation

To those who will be selected, you will be given the opportunity to participate in Bari at the entire National Meeting of Solidarity that will be held from Thursday the 27th of September to Sunday the 30th of September. ANPAS will pay the costs relative to accommodation, meals, and transfers to the headquarters of the Meeting. To promote better organization of the day, participants will make sure to specify the necessary logistics for transfers, so that we can make arrangements.




The thirteenth edition of the National Meeting of Solidarity will be held the 27th to the 30th of September 2012 in Bari, organized by ANPAS in collaboration with the Regional Committee of ANPAS in Puglia. This is an annual event, inaugurated in 2000, with the participation of thousands of Public Assistance Volunteers, as well as representatives of Italian Institutions and the Third Sector.





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L’Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze
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fatta da volontari che, ogni giorno,
costruiscono una società più giusta e solidale
attraverso lo sviluppo di una cultura 
della solidarietà e dei diritti
la creazione di comunità solidali
in Italia e all’estero

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